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Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves

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Our Falling Leaves gemstone stack is a beautiful combinations of grounding yet powerful health-boosting and heart-opening gemstones, allowing your natural energy to flow freely, like the leaves!

Four bracelet stack 8mm and 6mm gemstones and 2x3mm glass beads

Fire Agate : Grounding + Power    Moss Agate : Health + Emotion Balance Golden Apatite    Clarity & Manifestation    Glass bead double wrap for a touch of sparkle

  • All natural gemstones except for the occasional bling in our stacks)
  • Strung on sturdy stretchy cord for easy on off, no fussy clasps
  • Roll off your wrist for longevity and reliable wear
  • Sizing: Standard 7" one size fits most. Custom sizing available.
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