Hello and welcome to Sosie's Stacks! I'm Sosie, the passionate human being behind this one-woman show. As a former architectural designer, I made the choice to step away from the professional world to raise my family. However, my love for aesthetics and creativity never faded; it simply found a new canvas.

The Journey Begins

It all started with a visit to a gem show, where I was mesmerized by the beauty of stones. They are so pretty! I couldn't resist the allure they held, and soon, I found myself obsessed.

What began as a personal fascination quickly transformed into something more. Friends and family became recipients of my crafted stacks, and I carefully chose the right stack for each person.

A Creative Escape

In the midst of managing a household and embracing family life, I discovered an essential truth: a creative outlet is not just a luxury for me, but a necessity. Crafting these stacks isn't just a hobby; it's a source of joy. It's a way to express myself, to breathe life into the raw beauty of stones, and to share that beauty with all of you.

Sosie's Stacks: Where Passion Meets Craftsmanship

Every stack you see here is a result of my hands carefully selecting stones and my mind envisioning creative designs. From choosing the stones to crafting the stacks, taking the product shots, and managing this website (with a lot of help from my son Sam) - it's all a labor of love.


Join Me on this Journey

I invite you to explore my bracelets and see what calls out to you. Each piece is not just a creation; it's a story waiting to be told, a way for you to express your creativity.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. Your support and appreciation fuel my creativity and inspire me to keep crafting these beautiful stacks.

With gratitude,